Designopia Zone ديزاينوبيا زون

About Designopia Zone ديزاينوبيا زون

Designopia Zone is a Creative hub that creates an environment which is both physical and virtual where Designers, Artists and Engineers innovate, create, make, develop, network and work together.
In an organic and rotating space that converges all innovative initiatives taking place within it.

Designopia Zone is a subsidiary of Designopia organization for Art and Design and one of its programs.

ديزاينوبيا زون هى مساحة فنية تخلق بيئة مادية وافتراضية تتيح للمصممين والفنانين والمهندسين الابتكار ...

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5 yashbak street (Salah Zou ElFaqqar Villa), Abassiya Cairo
Muḩāfaz̧at al Qāhirah

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