Content to be removed:
777鐵馬俱樂部-20150515每週五-作伙來快樂鐵馬行8時-大稻埕碼頭,自行車租借站旁邊涼亭- -台北市777銀髮族協會FURP-TV台灣銀髮族協會全國聯合會全球網路電視台-呂世光創會理事長-顧問臉書李載榮0935030030LINE0973261261

Option 1: Remove content immediately

Heyevent gathers and recommends Public events from Facebook. Therefore, the easiest way to remove the content from Heyevent, is to remove the content from Facebook.

Here is the content on Facebook:

Once you've done this, you only need to verify that you're not a robot and push the following button, and the content will be removed from Heyevent immediately:

Option 2: Submit a removal request

If you don't have control over the content on Facebook, or don't want to make the content non-public, but still think that the content should be removed from Heyevent, you can submit a request for the content to be removed.

Removal requests are reviewed manually, and should normally be handled within 96 hours.