Latin American Wine Tasting Night - Malbecs

Latin American Wine Tasting Night - Malbecs

We have another amazing wine tasting night on, and this time the focus will be on Malbec.

Malbec is the most popular variety of red wine in Argentina, and is experiencing a surge in popularity worldwide.

We have some of the region's best Malbecs for you to try:

Venetia Saprkling Malbec
Caelum Malbec/Cabernet Rose
Ique Mlabec
Lorca Fantasia Malbec
Mi Terruno Reserva Malbec
Foster Reserva Malbec
Fortificado Malbec

Some of these are premium wines and retail for over $80 per bottle - so make ...

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84 attendees (None invited)


1st Floor, 37 Little Bourke St