Tribal Umrah 2016 @ Viareggio Italy 2016

Tribal Umrah 2016 @ Viareggio Italy 2016


Rachel Brice
Olivia Kissel
Mat Jacob
Mardi Love
Amy Sigil & Unmata
Ashley Lopez
Moria Chappell
Kae Montgomery
Valenteena Ianni
Catherine De Sève
April Rose
Kristine Adams
Patricia Zarnovican
Caterina Grimani
Samantha Emanuel

Tribal UMRAH festival arrive in Italy and is going to be a magic edition!
This time in the centre of "BelPaese", in one of the most exclusive place for vacation.
Viareggio is a TRIBAL PLACE for Italian Tribal Dancers and we can wait to meet ...

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665 attendees (None invited)