Libations for Haiti/Jete Dlo Pou Ayiti

Libations for Haiti/Jete Dlo Pou Ayiti

January 12th, is a ‘journee inoubliable’ for many Haitians who lost loved ones in the tragic 7.3 magnitude earthquake. It is important for us to remember, to reflect, to support, to find healing and solidarity on this difficult day.

7th Annual Haiti Candle Light Vigil
Thursday January 12th, 2016
4:30 to 6:30pm

Host- Nerija Rosemond and Fendy Lorenceau.
4:30PM Salutations.
4:53PM Moment of Silence.
5:00PM A People's Recollection.

Cultural Dance Performance-

Alexandra Jean ...

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45 attendees (None invited)


Brooklyn College Student Center
2705 Campus Road