Kizomba Temptation | Kizomba - Latin - Urban

Kizomba Temptation | Kizomba - Latin - Urban

It’s hard not to get excited when people keep begging for a new edition of Kizomba Temptation [Sunday 20th of August 2017]. You guys rock! 🤘

🌟 Special announcement: We just partnered with Dansschool Salsa Tipica & Big Street 68 - Tattoo Yanoezs 🎉 Yes, we know.. You guys have no idea how excited we are 😀

The previous edition was already E P I C, especially for a kick-off edition. The reviews were tremendously positive. We can’t thank you guys enough for the support. Very much appreciated it. ...

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Kizomba Temptation
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