Come full presents #Dekowsla Party

Come full presents #Dekowsla Party

ComeFull Pary is back this month with a theme #DEKOWSLA represent how v love in Skirllex n Owsla Rercord...We will spin their hits & turnt up songs from their record bringing Very Dirty Vibe for you guys! Bring friends n we have some give aways shirt and boost to turnt up all nite!! Please come early...C ya on this Saturday! xoxoxo

Come Full Party
ขอเชิญสาย Turnt มา Turn Up กันให้เต็มที่

โอ้ววว ซา ร่าาาา
#DekOwsla Party

ปาร์ตี้เดียวที่ขนเพลงจาก Owsla ...

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Grease Mon-Sat
46/12 Sukhumvit 49 Road, Wattana