Aikido Kumitachi: Henka Waza All In

Aikido Kumitachi: Henka Waza All In

Malmö Budo club is proud to present the aikido seminar 'Henka Waza All In'.

Please note! This is a yudansha seminar so you must have graduated at least 1st dan to attend.

The theme for this seminar is to practice variations (henka waza) on the kumitachi 1 to 5 in aikiken for traditional Iwama style aikido.

The seminar is based on a seminar held in 2005 with David Gottlieb from Copenhagen Aikido Club and Mikael Friberg (who at the time also was a member of Copenhagen Aikido Club). David and ...

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5 attendees (None invited)


Malmö Budoklubb
Föreningarnas Hus, Ystadvägen 46