Dalail ul Khayrat

Dalail ul Khayrat

Dalail ul Khayrat - A day in Praise of the Best of Creation (Peace Be Upon Him and His Family)

Thursday 12th January 2017 | Full Recital & Talks

The Golden Legacy of Hadhrat Sufi Abdullah Khan Sahib (RA)
Presided by Sufi Javed Akhtar Sahib

Allah and His Angels send Salaam upon the Prophet (peace be upon him); and Allah commands the believers to do the same.

Shaykh Asim Yusuf / Talib al-Habib, Shaykh Muhammad Yaseen & Dr Ather Hussain will be joining us on the 12th of January to recite the ...

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40 attendees (None invited)


Ghamkol Sharif UK
150 Golden Hillock Road, Small Heath