Rasspl WPB Competition 2 - Falsebay

Rasspl WPB Competition 2 - Falsebay

RASSPL Western Province Bronzies: Competition 2

Area: Falsebay - Steenbras River mouth till strandfontein pool

Registration point: Engin Wimpy N2 at 5am
Cards in: Engin Wimpy N2 at 4pm

Entry Fee: R50 existing RASSPL Members
Entry Fee: R150 non RASSPl Members

6:00 AM - HIGH
12:00 PM - LOW
18:20 PM - HIGH

Tickets available at Fishing Specialist in Goodwood or Eddlesgas in Retreat.

Non Members can purchase tickets at the registration point on the morning ...

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10 attendees (None invited)


False Bay